Astrological Counseling
Astrological Counseling
Astrological Counseling


Personal readings, scheduled by appointment, are done for $50.00. Before scheduling an appointment, it is important to have an accurate time of birth.

Three charts are constructed for a reading: a Natal (birth) chart, a Progressed chart, and a Transit study chart.

  • The Natal chart is your credentials or graduation papers. It shows what one has accomplished in prior incarnation, and is what you bring with you.
  • The Progressed chart shows where you are today.
  • The Transit study is the comparison between the Universe and your Progressed chart.

One incarnates to continue their growth. We are the entire energy from birth to present time, nothing is lost, only gained. Like a tree or any living form, we grow. The Sun moves a degree per year, or every year spent on earth, one moves forward one day in Universal Time.

A chart is your blue print, or personal star gate, where each planet is like a light bulb. They await the churning Universe to bring them to light.

The readings are finished with a Tarot Reading. The Tarot is a pictorial representation of Astrology and Numerology.

Your personal consultation takes a minimum of 3 hours, which seem to fly by, awareness of time somehow lost.

Each reading includes a folder with guide sheets that show the Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspect relationship, and notes of changes one has experienced in their life's journey.

Susan Trombetta has been a reader for over 40 years, and has a vast reservoir of understanding. She has wisdom gained through personal and impersonal studies. It's both a fun and exciting experience to be seen through her craft. Every reading is a great journey into the known and unknown.

Come in for your own guided adventure into your relationship with the Universe.

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